Current situation

1. Hi-tech ‘gig economy’ apps require reliable internet access and transportation.

On-demand work, part of a phenomenon called the “gig economy” include apps like Grubhub/Postmates (food delivery) and Uber/Lyft (ridesharing). They generally exist in the service industry, and their distinguishing factor is that they’re rapid and on-demand with matching enabled through a tech platform. But our users, the graduates of the NOB program, aka the “Bakers” have limited resources. According to our client, they are likely to carry ‘pay-as-you-go’ phones with limited data and rely on (not-so-reliable) public transportation for travel. 

2. Existing on-demand work apps lack social exchange.

These systems mainly focus on a transactional exchange of service for money–there is little to no focus on social exchange.

3. In other apps, social exchange is encouraged through profiles when the relationship is long(er)-term.

Other apps like Grameen Bank and Kiva (Microloans) and IndieGoGo and GoFundMe (crowdfunding) have emphasis on social exchange. They do so through profiles where in which the customer/lender/backer learns beneficiary’s background goals, interests, history.