Center of Life with my third interviewee, photo taken by me ⤴

My team (3 other members), our client, and I visited the Center of Life, an after-school program in the Braddock neighborhood of Pittsburgh. Though not our direct users, our client organized this interview session because these students could give us insights on the Bakers. 

I prepared semi-structured interview questions revolving their technology use, work experience, and thoughts on the growing tech industry in Pittsburgh. I conducted three rounds of interviews, the first with two female students, the second with one older staff member, and the third with one male student. I was able to collect insights which set the stepping stone of my design work. 

▸ Insight 1

They own smart phones and are familiar with the latest tech and apps.

Unlike what our client suggested, the four young adults I interviewed all owned iPhones with unlimited data and used the on-demand apps that I didn’t think they’d use.

▸ Insight 2

Safety is an important factor when using work apps.

The users consider safety when signing up and taking on work from online sources–making sure the other users have been checked and that their privacy settings and data usage are transparent.

▸ Insight 3

Incredibly open to the idea of meeting strangers and forming lasting connections with them through the transaction of baked goods.

When I pitched the app concept to the students, they were surprising open to the idea. I assumed that they would either not be down to connect with strangers or not be too excited about learning to bake bread.