Early Iterations

▸ Initial Solution 1

Design a web-app (vs a full app).

Although nearly all the students at the Center of Life owned smartphones, I realized that they were not our actual users–the Bakers who graduated from the Night Owl Bakers Program. In fact, I found out later that most of them were not foster children. So I decided to pursue a more accessible web-app that can be accessed using any phone or computer with internet.


▸ Initial Solution 2

Land on a menu page with baked goods.

One of the two goals, the task goal of this app is to sell baked goods so Bakers can earn money. Putting a menu will ensure that buyers know that this app is a food delivery app. Using delicious-looking images will entice users to purchase.

▸ Initial Solution 3

Include full profile with interests, hobbies, goals.

I saw that many existing applications have basic information, but apps like Yelp and Facebook, have more extensive profiles that add a human, more personable touch. I thought these extra info would be useful to build connections.

▸ Initial Solution 4

Provide suggested questions to ask.

Trying to talk to strangers may be hard so I thought we can make that part easier by providing them with suggested questions. I looked up some questions and got some inspiration from NYTimes’ 36 questions that lead to love. What would constitute a “perfect” day for you?